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The printed Policy Report is free due to a kind donation from the Swedish Ministry of the Environment. We still need you to pay the postage, however. If you would like to have the Policy Report sent to you, please follow the steps below.



1. Determine postage


Decide how many copies of the Policy Report you need and consult the chart below to determine postage. If you need a larger number of copies, or if you want to pay via bank transfer, please call (+45) 3332 0503.



No. of







 1 2,50 EUR (18 DKR)
 3,75 EUR
 5,75 EUR
 2-3 4,00 EUR (29 DKR) 6,25 EUR
 9,00 EUR
 4-6 5,00 EUR (37 DKR)
 10,25 EUR

 15,25 EUR

 7-13 8,00 EUR (59 DKR)
 17,00 EUR

 28,00 EUR





2. Pay postage

Pay the postage to our PayPal account using your MasterCard, VISA, or any other major credit card. Remeber to give correct name and mailing address. As soon as we have received your order and payment, we wil post the ordered reports within 2-3 working days.*



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* Shipment can take anywhere from 2-21 days or even longer depending on the postal services involved. Once we have handed over the ordered reports to PostDanmark, the WWViews Organization is in no way responsible for the further fate of the reports.

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