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The WWViews national partners have been responsible for organizing WWViews meetings in their respective countries or regions.

To become partners they should preferably

  • have some experience with citizen participation methods
  • be unbiased with regards to climate change
  • be able to follow the common guidelines
  • self-finance their participation in WWViews
Contacts were made to establish networks that helped distribute the call and to identify potential partners. In the end, over 50 partners joined forces to arrange 44 deliberations in 38 countries spanning six continents. The partners typically include public councils, parliamentary technology assessment institutions, non-governmental civil society organizations and universities.

Most partners were self-financed but several partners, especially from developing countries, received support from sponsors. Despite high motivation, several potential partners were not able to join, due to lack of financing. Had additional funding been available, the global coverage of WWViews thus could have been significantly expanded.

The WWViews partners include a dozen countries, most of them in the developing world, where there is practically no previous information on citizen views on climate change and climate policy.

Here you can see the full list of National Partners that participated in World Wide Views on Global Warming. Project managers from most partner organizations met for a Training Seminar in Copenhagen in March 2009.
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Compare your views with those of the WWViews participants and find out which country you resemble the most.


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