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Questions and Information Material

The questions put to the citizens worldwide were chosen to be of direct relevance to the COP15 negotiations. They had to be identical in all countries in order to allow for cross-national comparisons. To ensure clear communication to policy-makers, the questions were predefined with alternative answer options.

The 12 questions chosen were clustered in 4 themes:

  • Climate change and its consequences
  • Long-term climate goal and urgency
  • Dealing with greenhouse gas emissions
  • The economy of technology and adaptation

To compensate for the restricted format of predefined questions, it was decided to also allow time for the citizens to formulate and vote on their own recommendations.

An information booklet of 40 pages was produced with background information about climate change (drawing on IPCC’s fourth assessment report) and the COP15 negotiation issues.

Information videos (each 5-12 minutes long) were made for each of the four themes, repeating the most essential information available in the booklet and ensuring that all citizens would participate in the meetings with the necessary information. All WWViews information material was translated into local languages.

In some countries, WWViews partners decided to gather the citizens the day before the meeting in order to allow time to familiarize themselves with the information material.

The questions and information material were developed in close cooperation between the WWViews partners. An international scientific advisory board was responsible for assuring the quality of the material, and it was also tested by focus groups in different parts of the world before completion.

Here you can download the Questions and Information Booklet and watch the Information Videos that were made for the participating citizens.

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