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The Scientific Advisory Board


The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was a board consisting of selected experts in the field of climate change decision-making. The SAB were responsible for quality assurance of the questions posed to citizens participating in the WWViews meetings and of introductory materials and information videos used.


The board members are scientist from all over the world with special knowledge regarding climate change. The Members of the Scientific Advisory Board for World Wide Views are:


Andy Reisinger

Dr, Senior Research Fellow, Climate Change Research Institute.Leader of Technical Support Unit for the Synthesis Report of the AR4, IPCC.


Martin Parry

Professor, Hadley Centre Met Office. IPCC WGII Technical Support Unit


Bert Metz

Fellow at the European Climate Foundation. Co-chairman for IPCC WG III Third Assessment Reporting.




Ogunlade Davidson

Professor, University of Sierra Leone.Co-Chair of WG III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).



Fatemeh Rahimzadeh

Bureau member as Vice chair of working group I of IPCC Atmopheric Science and Meteorological Research Center (ASMERC).Lead author for IPCC WG I Fourth Assessment (2004 - 2007).




Jiahua Pan

Professor, Sustainable Development Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Senior Programme Officer and advisor for IPCC WG III



Eduardo Calvo Buendia

Profesor Asociado, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.Member of IPCC WG II



Torben Hviid Nielsen

Professor, The Centre for Technology, Innovation, and Culture, University of Oslo



Terry Barker

Dr, Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR).Co-ordinating Lead Author (CLA) for the IPCC´s Fourth Assessment Report reporting in 2007.

Which Country Are You?



Compare your views with those of the WWViews participants and find out which country you resemble the most.


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The Danish Board of Technology - winner of ’The Jim Creighton Award’ 2010 for: random selection, deliberative processes, innovation and creative approaches, international reach and courage in public participation.

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